Second Circle: Pink Muscles and Ruin

Second Circle

In Dante’s Inferno, the second circle begins the proper punishment of Hell, a place where “no thing gleams.” It is reserved for those overcome with Lust, where carnal appetites hold sway over reason. In Nine Circles, it’s where we do shorter reviews of new (ish) albums that share a common theme.

If there’s a common theme to this edition of Second Circle beyond “Here are two albums that fell through the cracks” I’ll leave it you to figure it out.  On the one hand we have Pink Muscles, a noise/punk collective with a serious bent toward out there horror and angular riffing; on the other we have Ruin, a grimy old school death outfit whose names may be hidden but wear their influences on their sleeves.  So get your hip waders and your aluminum foil hats, folks.  Shit’s about to get weirdContinue reading