The Horns Up Top 10: Rammstein

That time again, folks! Monday morning means another round of The Horns Up Top 10. And this one will be quite a doozy, folks.

You may recall that in last week’s Top 10, Corey had one foot firmly in Germany ahead of his trip to Wacken Open Air 2014, and decided to focus on a band performing at the festival. And while Amon Amarth was a timely choice…I’ll be honest, it was a little disappointing that he didn’t take advantage of German things and choose literally the most German band of all the German bands. (Kidding. Kind of.) Fortunately for y’all, I’ll be taking that band this week to cover for him. That’s right, for this week’s edition of The Horns Up Top 10, we’re going to take a look at RAMMSTEIN.

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