Best of Q4: Corey’s List

nine circles

And here we are. Just a handful of days stand between us and the end of 2015. But before we usher in the new year by wrapping up the best from this current year, we are still faced with the task of revisiting the last three months. Analyzing albums that drop in the final quarter of a given year can always be a tricky task. Sometimes it just simply isn’t enough time for an album to develop with an audience enough to warrant any year-end recognition. Despite that, 2014 saw a number of impressive releases in the final months. 2015 has proven to be no different. Continue reading

The Nine Circles ov… DEUTSCHLAND 2015!

german flag nine circles ov

And what a year for Germany it has been. And I’m referring, of course, to metal. One after another, week after week, we find ourselves discussing another impressive release out of the central European nation. And we’re covering all metal genres: black, death, power, doom… you name it. For a country that has previously been accused of not producing enough extreme metal, 2015 has proven otherwise. In fact, nine spots isn’t nearly enough to cover all the bands worth mentioning from this year alone. Fortunately, Manny-O-War and I are on it. He shared his favorite metal exports from Germany last week. This time… it’s my turn. Let’s roll on. Continue reading

Album Review: Eïs – “Bannstein”


Let’s keep 2015’s trend of phenomenal German black metal going. For a country that has been subject to some criticism for lacking a quality extreme metal scene, this year has certainly put some of that to rest. The focus now is on Bannstein, the latest release from Eïs. While the album itself dropped well over a week ago now, Bannstein’s quality is certainly worth continuous studying. Start to finish, the black metallers out of the North Rhine-Westphalia region have created a black metal piece that leaves a noticeable impression.

Continue reading