The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 42


The guys lament the breakup of Agalloch and the unfortunate tactics used to bring it about, then discuss the totally unforeseen kiss-and-make-up session between Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, who announced Misfits reunion shows this week! Plus, new albums from KvelertakEthereal Riffian and…sigh…Devildriver.

All that and much, much more in Episode 42, so check it out!

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Initial Descent: May 13, 2016

kvelertak band live

Ladies. Gentlemen. Friendly reminder that we are now just two short weeks away from Maryland Deathfest. And I’ll be damned if I’ve ever needed that weekend more. Your boy’s gonna get more than a little silly, I can promise you that.

But that’s two weeks from now. For now, it’s only May 13, and that means…actually, that means we’ve got some killer new metal dropping today. We start with Norwegian black ‘n’ rollers Kvelertak, who return with their third album, Nattesferd. (Is “black ‘n’ roll” still an appropriate label for them? Maybe not, but I also can’t think of a more fitting one.) We’ve also got a highly anticipated, single-song EP from Gorguts, a new album from Grand Magus and quite a bit more. So let’s take a look. Here’s what’s on tap for this week:
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Album Review: Ethereal Riffian – “I AM. Deathless” (EP)


Ethereal Riffian, despite constructing an incredibly unique doom metal sound over the past five years or so, have managed to stay completely off my radar until now. And what the Ukranian doomers have brought to the table with I AM. Deathless is a fascinatingly psychedelic doom metal sound that cleverly challenges our understanding of the genre without sounding forced. They make their point sonically, but at only two tracks we are definitely left with a lingering curiosity about how this could be expanded. Which, for an EP, is a good thing. Continue reading