Nine Circles Ov… February 2016

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It’s not just rumor that I listen to an asinine amount of music. Previewing almost every single promotional album that comes through the door fits in with my obsessive personality. February 2016 really tested me. No less than one hundred and forty-two albums came through our rotating doors. And one hundred and forty-two is the number of albums I clicked play on to test them and suggest for review. So I’m a bit tired in an auditory sense. But I digress. In today’s post we will run through a bunch of larger releases that I hope no one missed and then feature nine smaller releases that are top notch. February was a great month. And another sign that 2016 is headed in very much the right direction. Continue reading

Album Review: Eucharist – “Endarkenment”

eucharist endarkenment

Australian black metal brigade Eucharist have yet to release a proper full-length. To date they have released two demos, both in 2011, entitled Tenebrous Summoning and Demise Rites. Those two demos were packaged and sold as Demise Rites in 2012 by Total Holocaust Records. Their prior work was standard black metal fare with tracks hovering between five and seven minutes. With Endarkenment, Eucharist begins anew, producing a nearly thirty-seven minute EP containing two thirteen-minute-plus tracks of bestial chaos. Continue reading