Rainbows In the Dark: Sylvaine – “Wistful”

Sylvaine - Wistful

For this edition of Rainbows In the Dark we are taking a look at Norway’s Sylvaine and her second full length Wistful. A stunningly beautiful album that proves itself darker than her debut. However, the sparse chaotic passages only serve to broaden the overall feel of yearning throughout. But each listener will have a different experience depending on their own emotional state at the time. @MannyOWar said in his recent profile of the artist (here), the album is a ‘deeper and more articulate balance between the dark and the light’. Indeed, it is an exceptional balance but one thing that hasn’t changed is the elegance in Sylvaine’s voice, whether light and ghostly or bitterly black metal, her voice is truly the instrument that anchors the entire album. Continue reading

Profile: Sylvaine of Sylvaine

Sylvaine is the solo project of Sylvaine. Hailing from Norway, her music is a blend of shoegaze and post-black metal full of emotional tugs and beautiful melody. Now she’s back and ready to follow up her 2014 release Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart. Her new album Wistful (our review here) journeys further into the dreamy, post-rock ether. The album cascades with gorgeous melodies and dramatic refrains but introduces tumult and tribulation into the heavenly and serene; striking a deeper and more articulate balance between the dark and and the light. Featuring Neige (Alcest) on drums, Wistful is ornate, ethereal rock from one of Norway’s most promising artists. It’s available 5.13.2016 via Seasons of Mist. Pre-Order the album here. It’s being streamed, in its entirety, right here. Continue reading