Visions ov Hell: Qoheleth – “Brood of Vipers”

qoheleth brood of vipers

One of the things that draws me (even as I admit my inability to fully understand it) to noise acts is their never-ending search to integrate unique soundscapes into the narrative what we call a “song.”  This searching often extends out from the music to the visual representations of said songs, and Qoheleth have made an art out of integrating reality and cultural obsessions into their work, whether its the spiritual commentary that binds together debut album God Is the Warmest Place to Hide or in their latest video for the track “Brood of Vipers” which presents a home invaded by a wash of cultural noise – in this case animated .gifs.   Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Qoheleth – “Advance of Inhumanity”

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.41.01 AM.png

We’ve seen music as catharsis, music as rage incarnate, and – all too often – music as opportunistic money grabs, which is odd considering nine times out of ten “success” in metal simply means maybe you can cut your other job down from 40 hours a week to maybe 20.  So it’s not only refreshing but vital to see the myriad expressions of noise band Qoheleth navigate the thorny issues of faith as it collides against the realities of the modern world and the blocking power of strict doctrine using a variety of media.  But since this is Visions ov Hell, we’ll focus for now on their debut video “Advance of Inhumanity.”  Continue reading