Profile: California’s Grey Metal Trio Bloodmoon


Bloodmoon aren’t trying to coin a new genre — Grey Metal — it’s just that their brand of doom metal is more than meets the eye on their recently released full length Supervoid Trinity and Grey Metal fits perfectly. Over the course of 46 minutes, the three tracks contained cover anguished doom, avantgarde and jazz-like song structures and atmospheric reflection. The band has been around since 2010 and have a handful of releases under their belts but Supervoid Trinity is the most accomplished and best sounding album they’ve done to date. Through a random email and a love for what the band is doing we had the opportunity to ask them our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say and show them some support from the links contained within. Continue reading

Retrospective: Agalloch – “Pale Folklore”

agalloch_palefolkloreGrowing up in rural southern Ohio, especially during winter, usually meant two things for Teenage Metalhead Dustin®: Lots of snow days (road maintenance in the poorest counties of Ohio is basically non-existent) and lots of introspection bred from geographic isolation. Being surrounded by lots of hills and woods behind my house, I’d bundle up and go for walks often with my portable CD player (later a Zune, yay technology!). One album consistently repeated itself from one winter to the next and continues to do so, aging gracefully in the process – Agalloch‘s debut Pale Folklore is my album for every winter, both literal and figurative.  Continue reading