CANTO: Altarage, Iotunn, Bridge Burner, and More

One more day and then a four day weekend. Hot. Damn.

  • There are a couple new videos to share today that I’ve been intrigued by. Let’s start with Jaye Jayle, who released a new clip for “From Louisville”. That track was the closer from 2020’s Prisyn, which is available through Sargent House.
  • Spanish extreme metal crew Altarage have revealed new album details. Succomb is slated for an April 23rd release through Season of Mist. Go watch the video clip for the first single from that album, “Magno Evento”, right now.
  • New Zealand’s Bridge Burner have announced their Hibernation Release debut. Disempath will be out on April 2nd and can be pre-ordered here. There are a couple vinyl variants out there, which is fun. Check out the title-track, over at Decibel.
  • And we’ll close with the new video and single from Iotunn. I know Access All Worlds is a release quite a few of the 9C team are looking forward to, so here’s another sample in the form of “The Tower of Cosmic Nihility”. That album drops on February 26th through Metal Blade.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Initial Descent: November 10 – 16, 2019


As we move closer to Thanksgiving it’s time to reflect on the smorgasbord of exceptional metal releases this year. And, of course, give thanks for them. At this point, anyone still pushing the “2019 metal has been weak” agenda gets these two middle fingers. Moving on…

This week’s new metal kicks off with Tribulation who offer an opportunity to experience their commanding stage presence with an audio visual double treat from a gig captured in Sweden and yes, a live album caught top spot — it’s Tribulation so it’s an automatic thing. Casket Huffer get filthy via blackened death and sludge on their sophomore outing, and Warsenal combine old school speed metal with a healthy dose of thrash and holy crap is it ever a sweet sound with a killer album cover to boot. Last up top but certainly not least, I’ve got a soft spot for anything Michael Denner does (King Diamond and Mercyful Fate ring a bell?? Anyone?) and lucky for me Denner’s Inferno returns with a full length that’s heavy on those majestic riffs of his. All that and there’s so much more awaiting directly below. Get ready to offload some cash.  Continue reading

Initial Descent: April 16 – 22, 2017

Casket Huffer
Casket Huffer

Ok so, current events happened — blah, blah. No time to waste this week as we have a TON of new metal to get into so waste not here we go: Casket Huffer rule the week with a limited vinyl and digital release of their absolutely sick death metal debut Gospels of Scum. There’s no amount of words I can say here to convince you to pick this up but trust me when I say you NEED this album in your life, period. Next up is Artificial Brain with Infrared Horizon and honestly this is a mindf**k of a technical death metal (not tech death) album but in the best of ways so DO check it out, you’ll be glad you did. Moving on, everyone’s favorite Finns Foreseen return with their second full length Grave Danger and if you loved Helsinki Savagery (most of you did) then you will feel the same about this thrashtastic album, jump on it. Rounding out the opening slots is Night Demon with their second full length of wickedly good and classically tinged heavy metal, Darkness Remains — yes it is every bit as good as their debut and yes it is every bit as catchy, pick it up for the sake of all things metal. There you have it with the opening salvo but I did say there is a TON to wade through so get cracking, right after the jump.

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