Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0: Week Three

blood red week 3

We’re closing in on the halfway point with Week 3 of Hooptober, and it was a doozy of interesting films. really only one clunker, and I say that knowing full well that Christopher Smith’s Creep isn’t a bad film, just one that feel reply rote. But on the other side of things we get two really great debuts: Mulberry Street is the first film and collaboration from Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, and if you only know them from later great genre films like Stakeland and We Are What We Are you’re in for a treat to see their talent in a more raw form. Plus: were-rats! There’s also Jakob’s Wife from Travis Stevens, featuring a powerful performance by Scream Queen Barbara Crampton and a fresh take on vampires that does NOT skimp on the blood. Finally we hit the way-back machine for some much needed fun with Vincent Price and House on Haunted Hill before journeying back to the present to see the much anticipated and frankly excellent re-launch of Candyman by Nia DaCosta, co-written and produced by some new guy named Jordan Peele.

It’s been a helluva week, folks, so I’m taking a breather putting on some vinyl to get back to fighting strength. In the meantime scan the summaries, check out the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, and I’ll see you in seven days… 

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