Exclusive Stream: Diatonic – “Hidden Pieces”

Diatonic is a solo death metal project conceived, born and implemented by Joakim Antman.  You may recall him from such projects as the humorous Skitarg, the blackened thrash outfit The Ugly or the no-hold-barred death metal band Overtorture. Even if you haven’t heard of him, you’re about to. Hidden Pieces is the type of death metal that fans of In Flames (the early stuff), At the Gates and Hate Eternal will truly love. Check out an exclusive track after the jump.

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Album Review: MRTVI – “Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare”

MTRVI Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare

To me, black metal can generally be summed up with one of three categories: 1) a well-executed buzz-saw to the face, 2) poorly-done and tossed aside after one listen, and 3) true boundary pushers within the genre and repeatedly blossoming with nuances unheard and deeper meanings revealed. With his terrific debut, Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare, Damjan Stefanovic’s one-man project, MRTVI, cements its place among the latter. While remaining rooted in black metal, the album pushes the genre’s boundaries firmly into avant-garde territory, with excellent results. Continue reading