Exclusive Stream: Diatonic – “Hidden Pieces”

Diatonic is a solo death metal project conceived, born and implemented by Joakim Antman.  You may recall him from such projects as the humorous Skitarg, the blackened thrash outfit The Ugly or the no-hold-barred death metal band Overtorture. Even if you haven’t heard of him, you’re about to. Hidden Pieces is the type of death metal that fans of In Flames (the early stuff), At the Gates and Hate Eternal will truly love. Check out an exclusive track after the jump.

Hidden Pieces is a solo work but the drums were handled by Fredrik Widigs (who also played on Marduk’s Frontschwein and is the standing drummer for both The Ugly and Rage Nucléaire). The result is a cohesive, sometimes melodic and altogether entrancing work of medium-paced death metal. The track below “Followed” is the second to last  track on the album and one of the most melodic pieces on the album. “Followed” also showcases the bands range and rhythmic ability. Further, it displays Joakim Antman hardcore-influenced vocals at their fullest. The track is a brutal sequence dripping with emotion and anger.


What began as an independent act was independently released, digital-only, in March 2014. Based solely on that release Into the Night Records has signed the band to a multi-album deal beginning with the re-release of Hidden Pieces on CD November 20, 2015 to be followed by a full-length in 2016. Grab a copy of the full-length at your earliest convenience.

– Manny-O-War

Hidden Pieces is available 11.20.2015 via Into the Night Records. For more information on Diatonic check out their Facebook page.


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