Initial Descent: May 7 – 13, 2017

John Frum
John Frum

Another week bites the dust and in case you missed it we’ve had some good stuff on the site this week: news, Nine Circles ov…Easing Back Into Power Metal, Profile, reviews and of course the official weekend starting Evcharist. Feel free to take all that in while you browse all the new metal that’s out this week and spoiler alert: good stuff contained within. Bringing progressive death metal, that actually is progressive (as in moving the genre forward), is John Frum with their debut A Stirring In the Noos and from start to finish this thing will amaze even the most hardened of death metal fan. Next up is Merchant with their second full length of extremely moving and densely layered doom metal, Beneath. Doom fans get on this asap. Summoner summons up the kind of hard driving guitar rock that will appeal to anyone that stirs at the mere sound of a guitar on Beyond the Realm of Light, got a road trip coming up? YOU NEED THIS. Wormwitch strike black n roll gold on their crazy good debut Strike Mortal Soil and the same can be said of debut full length Dysangelium from Sweden’s Ensnared which is an excellent outing of tangled and discordant death metal, a definite must hear. There you have it folks, all that and much more just beyond that ‘continue reading’ button.  Continue reading

Initial Descent: September 25 – October 1, 2016


Here we are at the dawn of October. One of the finest months of the year, obviously. What better way to kick it off than with a stacked list of metal that is as varied as the many horror movies you need to watch over the next 31 days. Anyway, Initial Descent knows you need it so, this week we have the amazing new album The Dark Hereafter from Winterfylleth, a jazzy avant-garde self titled debut from Brain Tentacles, Okkultokrati‘s Raspberry Dawn that is satan rock at it’s finest and of course Sorceress from everyone’s favorite target Opeth. For everyone still mad about the whole no death metal thing, news flash, they’re still great. Also Veilburner returns with their third full length of inherently evil and challenging black/death/experimental The Obscene Rite and Halshug cracks the earth in half with their brutal new album Sort Sind. Plenty here for you to enjoy so without further delay, get busy after the jump. Continue reading

Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – September 2, 2016

There is a foul breath in the air. Hot and rank it seeps up through the crevasses in this rock you call earth. You smell it, even if you think you are mentally unaware. It’s the reason you can’t sleep at night. He is coming. You know this to be true. He will torture you in your sleep. Toenail by toenail he will tear from flesh. As you go about your day, seemingly oblivious to His wrath, you are merely a vessel waiting to be filled with hate. Waiting to be enslaved by the Dark Lord below. Prepare yourself. For He is near. For this time, when you wake up, you will smell the Satan. Continue reading

Profile: Dan Lee of Occult Burial


“Bands can spend their entire budget on a cover that looks amazing. They can fool you with logos, cool outfits and (in this case) literally smoke screens. But if the music inside the jacket doesn’t back it up then the band has nothing. Occult Burial luckily has both. They are the rare band that, while dripping with talent and ideas, may not actually benefit from more clean production. They remain raw, occult and completely ripping.” (Quote taken from our review here). Simply put, Occult Burial rips, rules and dominates. So definitely check them out and follow the jump to read more about the band hanging out with Canadian heartthrob, Prime Minister and their biggest fan, Justin Trudeau. Continue reading

Album Review: Occult Burial – “Hideous Obscure”

When a cover like the one pictured above arrives in your inbox any metal writer should be given pause. First of all, it’s awesome. Second of all, that logo rules. Third, there’s a badass skull front an center (with teeth). Finally, there’s some heavily studded armbands. Now, can this band deliver? Because that is one hell of a first impression. I’ll hand it to them, they back it the ‘f’ up. Occult Burial are not only obsessed with sick covers but they also love speed riffs, thrash metal and some old school butchery. Thus, Hideous Obscure is more than just a pretty cover to hang above your toilet. It’s a “take no prisoners” style of album that’s sure to bash in the hood of your neighbors car all while you are asleep. Continue reading