Initial Descent: September 25 – October 1, 2016


Here we are at the dawn of October. One of the finest months of the year, obviously. What better way to kick it off than with a stacked list of metal that is as varied as the many horror movies you need to watch over the next 31 days. Anyway, Initial Descent knows you need it so, this week we have the amazing new album The Dark Hereafter from Winterfylleth, a jazzy avant-garde self titled debut from Brain Tentacles, Okkultokrati‘s Raspberry Dawn that is satan rock at it’s finest and of course Sorceress from everyone’s favorite target Opeth. For everyone still mad about the whole no death metal thing, news flash, they’re still great. Also Veilburner returns with their third full length of inherently evil and challenging black/death/experimental The Obscene Rite and Halshug cracks the earth in half with their brutal new album Sort Sind. Plenty here for you to enjoy so without further delay, get busy after the jump.

 Winterfylleth - The Dark Hereafter

WinterfyllethThe Dark Hereafter (Spinefarm Records) – black metal

Brain Tentacles - Brain Tentacles

Brain TentaclesBrain Tentacles (Relapse Records) – metallic jazz [full review]

Okkultokrati - Raspberry Dawn

OkkultokratiRaspberry Dawn (Southern Lord) – metal, rock, satan

Opeth - Sorceress

OpethSorceress (Nuclear Blast) – metal, death, progressive

Veilburner - The Obscene Rite

VeilburnerThe Obscene Rite (Independent) – black metal, death metal [full review]

Halshug - Sort Sind

HalshugSort Sind (Southern Lord) – hardcore

Also on tap:

A Constant Knowledge of DeathVol. II, Organic Emotions (Independent) – progressive metal

AbigailThe Final Damnation (Nuclear War Now!) – black metal

Abigorum & CryostasiumUnholy Ghost Liturgy, Collaboration (Satanath Records) – black metal, doom, ambient

AlcestKodama (Prophecy Productions) – blackgaze

Altar of OblivionBarren GroundsEP (Shadow Kingdom Records) – doom metal

AnomalisticHuman Decimation (Reality Fade Records) – death metal, brutal

AsphyxIncoming Death (Century Media) – death metal

Brant Bjork Tao of the Devil (Napalm Records) – metal, rock

Brutally DeceasedSatanic Corpse (Doomentia) – death metal

Clouds Taste SatanicDawn Of the Satanic Age (Independent) – doom metal

Colombian NecktieAll Paths Lead to Nowhere (Black Voodoo Records) – hardcore

ConquerorWar.Cult.Supremacy (Nuclear War Now!) – death metal, black metal [NWN feature]

CryfemalD6s6nti6rro (Osmose Productions) – black metal

DeadUntitle (We Empty Rooms) – punk, post, sludge

Death Is LibertyA Statement Darkness (Concorde Music Company) – progressive metal

DeathcultBeasts of Faith (Invictus/Iron Bonehead) – death metal

Emma Ruth RundleMarked For Death (Sargent house) – doom, singer/songwriter

EpicaThe Holographic Principle (Nuclear Blast) – symphonic metal

Evil InvadersIn For the Kill, EP (Napalm Records) – thrash metal, classic

ExcuseGoddess Injustice, 12″ MLP (Shadow Kingdom Records/Hell’s Headbangers) – thrash metal  [full review]

Fuzz EvilFuzz Evil (Battleground Records) – metal, psych

GoatfleshPilgrimage To Icon Of Sin (Independent) – black metal, death metal

Harri KauppinenHelvetin Iaulat (Concorde Music Company) – dark metal

Holy SerpentTemples (Riding Easy Records) – heavy psychedelic

Invoking the AbstractAural Kaleidoscopes (Unique Leader) – death metal, tech, instrumental

IraconjiGlobal Genocide (Independent) – death metal, thrash 

KatlaEmbryo (Svart Records) – psychedelic

Kzohh – Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains (Ashen Dominion) – black metal 

Lost EmpiresDeath: The Unveiling of Eternity, (Independent) – heavy metal, power

Mammoth Weed Wizard BastardY Proffwyd Dwyll (New Heavy Sounds) – doom metal

Negura BungetZI (Prophecy Productions) – black metal, experimental

NoctemHaresis (Prosthetic Records) – death metal, black metal

NonexistThe New Flesh (Independent) – swedish thrash, death metal 

NordwitchMørk Profeti (Satanath Records) – death metal, black metal

OathbreakerRheia (Deathwish, Inc.) – black metal, metallic hardcore

Re-ArmedThe Era of Pracarity (Saarni Records) – thrash metal, death

SeremoniaPahuuden äänet (Svart Records) – heavy psychedelic

Seven KingdomsIn the Walls (Independent) – power metal [full review]

SkálmöldVogguvisor Yggdrasils (Napalm Records) – viking metal

Suicidal TendenciesWorld Gone Mad (Suicidal Records) – thrash metal, hardcore

S U R V I V ERR7349 (Relapse Records) – synthwave, horror

The AgonistFive (Napalm Records) – heavy metal

Triple CrippleNursing Home for Retired Hookers (Horror Pain Gore Death) – grindcore

TruckfightersV (Century Media) – stoner metal

Unyielding LoveThe Sweat of Augury (Sentient Ruin) – grindcore, noise, black metal

VorgrumLast Domain (Via Nocturna) – folk metal, pagan

Yeti On HorsebackThe Great Dying (Medusa Crush Recordings) – doom metal

– Josh

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