Profile: José Fernando Ospina of The Scum

The Scum

The Scum, based out of Colombia, released their second full length, The Hunger, back in April of this year and it’s a savage ode to the old school days when bands like Deicide, Massacre, and Morbid Angel were cutting their teeth. If you’re a fan of the genre, their lyrical themes will not disappoint as they cover horror, wicked nightmares, death, and gore. So basically, a death metal fan’s wet dream. We recently posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist José Fernando Ospina to get some backstory on him and the band so head below to read how it went down and be sure to pick up a copy from the links contained within.

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Profile: Colorado’s Unholy Black Metallers Aetranok


Aetranok, a Colorado based unholy black metal band, just released their volatile second full length, Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher, to an unsuspecting crowd. I’ve yet to hear any mention of this wicked abomination yet here we stand with a Profile from vocalist and guitarist Draka and additional vocalist and guitarist Apophis. This is some truly brutal black metal that recalls the darkest of the first and second wave of the genre yet has the balls to go its own way. You read that right, it has teeth and is unafraid to bare them. We are honored to be sharing this with you so read on to see what these band members had to say and don’t forget to support with the links contained within.

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Profile: Chad Kelly of Louisiana’s Medieval Catholic Death Metallers Excommunicated


Last month, Louisiana death metallers Excommunicated released their second full length Death Devout via Satanath Records and its quite the old school force to be reckoned with. I’m getting a strong tie in with Death due to their highly progressive song structures and similar vocal stylings but also a strong tie to classic, old school death metal with the Swedeath feel of it all. Sure that’s a mouth full but with merely one listen you’ll be fully on board with it as well. The band has taken amazing growth steps since 2011’s Skeleton Key in the sense of letting the songs go where they will in lieu of forcing them into a set structure. It’s a whole different animal and one that will leave you wanting more. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with vocalist Chad Kelly to answer our set of Profile questions and as you will see, he was more than generous with his answers. Head inside to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Profile: Finnish Death Metallers Wrathrone


Finnish death metallers Wrathrone have been around since 2008 and with their second full length, Reflections of Torment, newly minted to the metal masses they have firmly planted themselves into Finnish death metal royalty. The difference from debut Born Beneath is astounding. And that’s not discrediting said debut but here the songwriting and overall death metal chops are simply on another level. Two years have made all the difference and the band is much better for it. We’ve touted Finnish death metal here since forever and this album further cements that point but puts the exclamation point firmly on the melodic side. Plainly put, you need this. Anyway, just behind the album’s release we sat down with Matti and Mikael loaded with our Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Profile: Switzerland’s Raw Black Metallers Brahdr’uhz


Raw and vile black metallers Brahdr’uhz just released the compilation Land of Darkness and it’s twelve tracks of uncompromising and unforgiving coldness. If you’ve missed out on their handful of EP’s and Demo’s now is the time to complete your collection. First and second wave black metal collide in a hellstorm as the band rips through each track, the trem work is second to none and the buzz surrounding the mix just heightens the horrific atmosphere. Just behind this release we had the chance to ask the band our set of Profile questions and they were razor sharp with their answers so keep reading to see what they had to say. Continue reading