Profile: Khatch Yildizian of Cyprus’ Death Metal Dealers Vomitile

Vomitile – photo courtesy of Constantinos Evangelides

Cyprus’ death metallers Vomitile got their start back in 2007 and after several lineup changes their third full length Pure Eternal Hate marks their strongest outing yet. It has the bite and groove of Krisiun, the adventurous nature of Morbid Angel and the stunning brutality of early Vader. Indeed, it is that good. The band has come a long way since their 2013 debut Igniting Chaos but the biggest take away, at least for me, is how good they marry the lineage of death metal into something uniquely their own. Sure you can hear traces of this and shades of that but Vomitile make it their own with several unique twists and wicked groove lines. Hot on the heels of Pure Eternal Hate we had the chance to sit down with bassist and vocalist Khatch Yildizian to ask him our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and be sure to support in any way you can. Continue reading

Profile: George Ntavelas of Blackened Death Metal Destructors Demonic Obedience

Demonic Obedience
photo courtesy of Kruxator, edit by Nik Efimidis

Scotland’s Demonic Obedience may have never been the death / black metal freight train they are on their recently released third full length Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation. The band started in 2013 as The Deepest and played a more progressive style of death metal. But, within less than a year shifted their vision and have been a destructive force ever since. We recently roundtabled with mastermind and guitarist George Ntavelas with our set of Profile questions so head inside to get the scoop and support the band via the links contained. Continue reading

Initial Descent: April 15 – 21, 2018

Ghastly – photo courtesy of S. Kujansuu

Hard to keep track of all the things going on in the world and as time goes by it’s just as hard to keep up with your own corner of the world. After all these years I haven’t found that magic trigger that slows time but just as well…I guess. No, it’s not cryptic — it just is. A wise man once said “it is what it is.” Right on, dude. Anywhooo, new metal is why you came and that we have a lot of so let’s jump in. First up is the ever satisfying Finnish death metal in the form of Ghastly on Death Velour, Finnish and death metal are a match made for each other, nuff said. Next is Pinkus Abortion Technician from the always reliable Melvins, here we have some mash ups and reimaginings from the vets of sludge / noise / rock — reliable and great. Moving along is Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead from Dagger Lust which proves to be the most cohesive their brand of noise and extreme metal has been thus far. Last up top is the blackened death metal of Demonic Obedience on Fatalistic Uprising of Abhorrent Creation and even though I cringe at “blackened,” these guys get it absolutely right and it sounds amazing. As you know by now we are not ones to leave you hanging at just four albums, so get in there and take in the rest of this massive list. Continue reading

Album Review: Demonic Obedience – “Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation”

Demonic Obedience - Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation

The notion Edinburgh, Scotland’s Demonic Obedience is hardly the band it once was is more than a talking point. In truth, that’s because this is now a bonafide group in the first place. Demonic Obedience debuted in 2013 as a one-man operation by George Ntavelas. After producing 2014’s Morbid Supremacy of Evil and 2016’s Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen, Ntavelas returns with some backup, in the form of a vocalist and bassist. While the band is seemingly still very much his brainchild, there is a new dimension to what Ntavelas does that’s indubitably entrancing.

On Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation, the new album by Demonic Obedience, the trio presents an arresting, elemental return to the music scene. With industrial flourishes obfuscating the death metal pastiche it has presented before, over these eight new songs, the fresh dimensions prove to be affecting, and addictive. Continue reading

Profile: Tuor of Atmospheric Black Metallers Utburd


Atmospheric and depressive black metal sometimes go hand in hand but when the pair marries up as well as they do on Utburd‘s just released second full length, The Horrors Untold, it’s impressive to say the least. Russia’s Utburd formed in 2014 and is the product of sole member and mastermind Tuor who we recently sat down with for our set of Profile questions. Read on to see what he had to say and click through on the contained links to support. Continue reading