Visions ov Hell: Evil Invaders – “Raising Hell”

Evil Invaders - Raising Hell

Visions ov Hell means it’s time to begin a new week whether anyone is ready for it or not. Having the Monday blahs is understandable but it doesn’t have to suck completely which is why Evil Invader‘s new video for Raising Hell comes at an opportune time. The band released an EP, In For the Kill, last week and offered two new songs and two live songs from their past. For now Raising Hell will be your extra shot of speed metal to drop in that pot of coffee you’re inevitably choking down. Myself included. Continue reading

Initial Descent: September 25 – October 1, 2016


Here we are at the dawn of October. One of the finest months of the year, obviously. What better way to kick it off than with a stacked list of metal that is as varied as the many horror movies you need to watch over the next 31 days. Anyway, Initial Descent knows you need it so, this week we have the amazing new album The Dark Hereafter from Winterfylleth, a jazzy avant-garde self titled debut from Brain Tentacles, Okkultokrati‘s Raspberry Dawn that is satan rock at it’s finest and of course Sorceress from everyone’s favorite target Opeth. For everyone still mad about the whole no death metal thing, news flash, they’re still great. Also Veilburner returns with their third full length of inherently evil and challenging black/death/experimental The Obscene Rite and Halshug cracks the earth in half with their brutal new album Sort Sind. Plenty here for you to enjoy so without further delay, get busy after the jump. Continue reading