Visions ov Hell: Evil Invaders – “Raising Hell”

Evil Invaders - Raising Hell

Visions ov Hell means it’s time to begin a new week whether anyone is ready for it or not. Having the Monday blahs is understandable but it doesn’t have to suck completely which is why Evil Invader‘s new video for Raising Hell comes at an opportune time. The band released an EP, In For the Kill, last week and offered two new songs and two live songs from their past. For now Raising Hell will be your extra shot of speed metal to drop in that pot of coffee you’re inevitably choking down. Myself included.

Coffee takes awhile to grab hold but Evil Invaders do not. Between the speeding locomotive riffs and the wildly varied vocals it would seem this track is tailor made for slapping you in the face. As you listen to this song the influences shine through like a high beam and while it’s true they aren’t crossing any new boundaries they do a great job of showcasing their favorite influences. The intensity of Metallica’s “Whiplash”, the hard charging fever of Mötorhead and the biggest elephant in the room is the early Iron Maidenesque bass work of Joeri van de Schoot. As stated, nothing new but this song is a thrashingly fun four and a half minutes that will leave you energized and ready kick today in the ass.

Evil Invaders
Evil Invaders

The video is nothing more than the band performing this track but we do get to see that these guys are young so the fact that they communicate this high level of appreciation for their influences is a plus. We get a light show, slow matrix style pauses, close ups and wide angle shots of them headbanging away. Also in case you have a rough time sounding out the song title they’ve — very helpfully — transposed the words RAISING HELL everytime the entire gang shouts them. Anyway, hit the video below and forget about the new week for a few minutes.

– Josh

In For the Kill is available now on Napalm Records. For more information on Evil Invaders visit the band’s official website.

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