Nine Circles ov…2018 Metal Catch Up

Nine Circles Ov 2018 catch up

It seems silly to judge the volume and or content of music from one year to another – I’m sure I was feeling the crunch of not being able to adequately catch up with new music this time last year as well, but this year it just feels heavier.  Between surprise releases I never saw coming to recommendations from friends and stuff that’s been either on our radar or blasted into the ether by huge marketing pushes, there’s just a weight of distorted riffs sitting on my shoulder no amount of headphone time seems to disperse.  Which is not to diminish any of the records I’m about to cover that we haven’t devoted a full review to: there are easily two in this list I’m over the moon for.  Nevertheless, for this edition of Nine Circles ov… let’s spend a little time with some early 2018 releases we may not have covered in depth, but are still worth your time.   Continue reading

Album Review: Portal – “Ion”

portal ion

You can never say enough about mystery with regards to its relationship with metal bands.  Whether you’re cloaking your name and instrument with descriptors like “Count Toothgnash on sonic death reverberations” or wrapping your personas and entire musical concept on esoteric texts or simply dressing up like a clock, there’s something to be said about not giving it all away.  Portal have always been a band steeped in mystery, from their names to their performances and their adherence to a dizzying lyrical concept running through their albums, all of which served to accentuate the murky yet blindingly fast black/death they deal in, but on their first full length in five years, Ion, they allow a small lift of the curtain, although not in an area you’d expect.   Continue reading