Initial Descent: October 23 – 29, 2016

Jagged Mouth
Jagged Mouth

Alright so, Monday is Halloween and surely by now you have your costume in order? In the midst of a horror movie marathon? Burning a skull candle? If not, why and my god what are you doing?! Anyway, it’s Initial Descent time which means more outstanding metal releases for your ears, souls, and minds. This week we’ve got the debut full length, Louring, from Jagged Mouth and honestly these guys rip a canyon in vile doom metal, highly recommended. Speaking of highly recommended, King Dude treats us to another top shelf album of satanic and dark americana with Sex, the always loud Whores kill it, as usual, on Gold, Ulcerate don’t deviate from their crushing and technical death metal on Shrines of Paralysis, Urfaust continue their mind bending exploration on Empty Space Meditation but do it with a bigger dose of black metal than we’ve come accustomed to recently, and Vermin Womb stay true to their despicable (in a good way) death metal selves on Decline. That was a mouthful. But it’s only the beginning so be sure to check out what else is on tap after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review: Jagged Mouth – “Louring”

Jagged Mouth - Louring

Upon seeing blackened doom metal as the descriptor for Jagged Mouth and their full length debut Louring, flags went up immediately. Probably unfair but we’ve heard that song and dance before and more often than not the outcome doesn’t match the hype. But when one hour spiraled into five and several spins turned into an obsession, that descriptor is an honest one even if it only scratches the surface. Louring is anchored in slow and methodical doom metal to be sure but vile sludge and a hateful attitude is what sets this album apart and it does all this in the first couple of minutes. Continue reading