Album Review: Crowhurst – “II”

Album art by Reuben Sawyer

Los Angeles based experimental black metal act Crowhurst are back with a vengeance on their new album II. Fans of last years self-titled album or even the act’s older works will have much to rejoice about. Continue reading

Album Review: Crowhurst – “Crowhurst”

crowhurst 2015 album

“There is no harmony in the universe. We have to get acquainted to this idea that there is no real harmony as we have conceived it.”

Most of the time, it’d probably feel a bit weird starting an album review by analyzing of its final song, but in Crowhurst‘s case, it’s oddly fitting. The experimental black metal band’s new, self-titled album closes with “Luna Falsata,” a sprawling, noisy, nine-minute epic. In a terrific guest spot, Oxbow vocalist Eugene Robinson uses his full range to interpret and deliver a Werner Herzog monologue about the vileness and obscenity of the jungle, winding things down with the line above. In the context of Crowhurstwhich uses every one of its excellent, 40-odd minutes to create that exact kind of misery and disharmony—it feels all too appropriate. Continue reading

Interview: Crowhurst’s Jay Gambit on noise, metal and the band’s new self-titled album

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It’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about Crowhurst. After four years and enough solo noise and experimental electronic releases to last a lifetime, mastermind Jay Gambit’s taking things in a new direction. With a full quintet in tow, the project’s main focus has shifted to experimental black metal—and an incredibly heavy and bleak blend in particular, even by the genre’s already lofty standards on that front.

Ahead of the band’s first foray into their new sound—a self-titled album due for release next month—we talked to Gambit about the band’s new sonic ambitions and his plans to continue noise recordings now that Crowhurst’s gone metal. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading