Album Review: Times of Grace — “Songs of Loss and Separation”

times of grace - songs of loss and separation

It’s fascinating to see what a side project allows members to express that they couldn’t in their primary outfit. Doubly so in the case of Times of Grace: Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz already have a flexible outlet in Killswitch Engage. Leach had not yet rejoined the band in 2011 when the collaborators’ debut arrived; 10 years later Songs of Loss and Separation shows that outside of the NWOAHM influences that have marked Killswitch’s style for over 20 years there’s a lot of darkness still to mine, and the opportunity to play in a more melodic, heartfelt space really differentiates this from the pair’s other outlet. It also makes for a stronger, more impactful offering that’s been sticking in my head since first playing the record.

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CANTO: Convulse, Machine Head, Ensiferum, and More


“I want to burn down Wall Street, baby, and fan the flames of discontent like Hades.”

Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Visions ov Hell: Killswitch Engage – “Cut Me Loose”


Killswitch Engage has had a bit of momentum recently. Successful shows, upcoming festival appearances, and the March 11th release date of Incarnate are all paving the way for what could be a big year for the metalcore veterans. Focusing in on the aforementioned upcoming album, Killswitch had already released a video for “Hate By Design”, which certainly sounds like classic Killswitch — melodic with an ample amount of aggression. This time, with “Cut Me Loose”, we go in a different direction; one that explores internal struggle and depression. Continue reading