Album Review: The Crown – “Cobra Speed Venom”

the crown - cobra speed venom

There’s something to be said for craftsmanship.  If all the pieces fit together snugly and the whole performs as easy as you expect it to, what’s not to like?  Almost a decade into their second life The Crown have their brand of Swedish death/thrash nailed down like a fine table, and Cobra Speed Venom, while offering nothing new in the way of innovation, is a reliable and sturdy entry in the band’s discography, offering plenty of chugging and that distinct guitar crunch that can only come from the lands of Entombed, Carnage, and In Flames.  Continue reading

Album Review: The Crown – “Death is Not Dead”


When exploring the Swedish death metal world, The Crown may not come to mind as immediately as bands like At the Gates or Dark Tranquillity. Hailing from the same mid-90s time period as their more famous counterparts, The Crown made their mark on the scene towards the end of the decade before their 2004 dissolution, triggered by vocalist Johan Lindstrand’s departure. They would return with Doomsday King in 2010, fronted by Jonas Stålhammar, but with not-quite-memorable results. After falling a bit toward death metal’s periphery, The Crown returns with Death is Not Dead—fronted once again by Lindstrand and making a nice return to form.

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