Profile: Justin Vølus of Vargheist Records

Vargheist Records

We’ve profiled a ton of bands over the last handful of years but very few labels – yea I know, total fail. Today we’re proud to feature one such label, Vargheist Records, and its owner Justin Vølus. Vargheist Records is based out of South Carolina and is making its mark featuring some of the most extreme underground metal you’ll find anywhere. We’re in this really good place where these kind of labels are popping up again and it’s a very good thing indeed. In the coming months we hope to feature more but for now, head inside to see what Justin had to say to our ‘Record Label’ curated set of Profile questions, then head over to the links embedded below to load up on Vargheist Records’ offerings – their roster is growing so don’t miss out. Continue reading

Album Review: Morgue Walker – “Forage the Ash” (EP)

Morgue Walker - Forage the Ash

Blackened deathgrind. I know ‘blackened’ has been used to death but in all seriousness one listen to this North/South Carolinian trio’s debut EP, Forage the Ash, and it just feels sooooo right. Morgue Walker nail that part but also make good on their namesake by actually sounding like they recorded this thing inside a morgue adjacent to a coffin awaiting the hearse. If you took that as a knock, it only slightly is. And by slight I mean miniscule. Anyway, this is blackened deathgrind and it is vicious. Continue reading