CANTO: Hour of Penance, KEN mode, DragonForce, and More

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Adobe has taken my soul.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Album Review: KEN Mode – “Loved”

KEN Mode - Loved

Becoming disillusioned with the world, especially for anyone reading a heavy metal review on the internet like this one is common enough. Metal is rife with idealized and (possibly) fantastical or political worlds. There’s a romantic notion to the idea that we could make the world better. But if that world fails to materialize, whether through your own fault or not, you might find yourself mindlessly drifting through those old worlds in the meantime. Life never stops being bullshit but it’s the path we’re on. Enter KEN Mode’s latest Loved.   Continue reading

Initial Descent: August 26 – September 1, 2018


Took part in a BMW performance experience last week in which I got to drive several different ‘M’ models extremely fast (you know, drive it like you stole it) which gave me great pleasure. And over the course of this half day excursion the top four albums below were my soundtrack. Tons of fun was had, you had to be there. Anyway, what’s out this week in the world of metal? Read on…

First up is NOLA’s favorite sons, Thou, with their magnificent take on sludge and doom but with Magus they really reach into progressive territory and it rules – if you dig this band and their recent trio of EP’s you will love this. Ken Mode are back with Loved which is a jagged pill of brutalicious noise rock that, no shocker here, also rules. In the midst of death/black/sludge/prog/djent tagsploitation it’s a nice change of pace to hear a fist pumping, adrenalizing, straight forward heavy metal album such as U.D.O.’s sixteenth full length Steelfactory – old guard or no, this is just a ridiculously fun album. Rounding out the top slots is Australia’s Descent on Towers of Grandiosity which is like pouring death metal, grindcore and crusty old hardcore punk into a vat of acid and watching it explode into a mass of blood red particles.

Now you know of four and there’s so much more…high hat please…anyway, stick around for the rest. Continue reading

Best of 2015: Jeremy’s List

Best 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with best-of lists. On the one hand, it’s cool to see them as snapshots, moments in time where certain music, films, TV shows or books truly resonate on the same frequency as our lives and thus hit us in just the right place in the gut. On the other hand, I despise ranking this stuff because how is it possible to definitively say that one piece of art is better than another? It’s the conversation I’ve had multiple times with my fellow comic book nerds: sure, you could debate for hours about whether the Avenger movies are better than the Nolan Batman trilogy (and granted, debate is sometimes half the fun), but why not celebrate that we live in a glorious time that we can actually have both?

So it’s somewhat in that same spirit that I share my top 10 albums of 2015. Some of these fall cleanly into the metal genre, some of them bleed into others, but they all hold certain elements in common: they’re killer additions to the world of heavy music, any of them could truly be my number one album for the year, and their existence simply made the world a better place in 2015.

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Best of 2015: Billy Myers of The Glorious Rebellion

the glorious rebellion

As we continue to draw closer to the end of the year, the next featured band in our Best of 2015 series comes to us from Orlando, Florida. Noise rockers The Glorious Rebellion have been busy gearing up to release their new album Euphoric next April, which I suggest you all to be on the lookout for. In the meantime, however, guitarist/vocalist Billy Myers III was kind enough to share some his favorite albums from the past year with us.

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