Receiving the Evcharist: Kowloon Walled City and Stone Brewing’s Xocoveza Stout

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome back, dear readers, to the last Evcharist of 2016. I don’t know about many of you, but I am glad to be seeing the backside of this year. 2016 has been a hard pill for me to swallow, both in terms of my personal life and in the events of the world abroad. However, it bears to not dwell too long on these things. 2016 brought many good things into my life too: the wonderful friends I made on the internet through #metalbandcampgiftclub, a treasure trove of great music, my attendance at Migration Fest in August (which was hands down the best weekend of my life), and most importantly the ability to have a creative outlet here at Nine Circles. So with that said, let’s kick this year out the door with some gusto. The Metal: Kowloon Walled City’s Grievances.  The Booze: Stone Brewing Company’s Xocoveza.   Continue reading

Concert Review: Migration Fest, Part 1


Now that the dust has had time to settle over the past few weeks, I’m ready to start recounting the incredible experience that was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest for Migration Fest. Now, please keep in mind that the title this post is misleading. Calling this a ‘review’ may not be accurate. That would imply that there could have been some negative aspects of Migration weekend… and that just isn’t reality. No, this far better categorized as a recount. Or better yet, a praising. You may have also noticed that this is referenced as ‘Part 1’. I’ll cover Thursday (in part) and Friday here, and then offer my highlights of the other days… eventually. I didn’t feel like writing, not bombarding you, with about 2500 words of reading material in one sitting. You’re welcome.  Continue reading

CANTO: New In Flames, New Meshuggah, and some killer tours

in flames battles

“It’s the cowardice that pulls you under, and takes you to the end, where it begins. Release, the world is waiting on your arrival. Close your eyes, as we witness another bullet ride.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Interview: Victims talk New Album, Concerts and Politics

There are few bands that span the hardcore and punk river as well as Victims. They’ve been around since 1997 and have not slowed their output or their veracity. Their upcoming album, Sirens is yet another terrific edition to their catalog. On the album Victims continues their assault against global injustice with their straight forward, hardcore influenced d-beat punk rock. In advance of that album we got a chance to sit down and have a brief chat with Victims. Below are the results.

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Best of 2015: Jeremy’s List

Best 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with best-of lists. On the one hand, it’s cool to see them as snapshots, moments in time where certain music, films, TV shows or books truly resonate on the same frequency as our lives and thus hit us in just the right place in the gut. On the other hand, I despise ranking this stuff because how is it possible to definitively say that one piece of art is better than another? It’s the conversation I’ve had multiple times with my fellow comic book nerds: sure, you could debate for hours about whether the Avenger movies are better than the Nolan Batman trilogy (and granted, debate is sometimes half the fun), but why not celebrate that we live in a glorious time that we can actually have both?

So it’s somewhat in that same spirit that I share my top 10 albums of 2015. Some of these fall cleanly into the metal genre, some of them bleed into others, but they all hold certain elements in common: they’re killer additions to the world of heavy music, any of them could truly be my number one album for the year, and their existence simply made the world a better place in 2015.

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