Album Review: Anicon – “Entropy Mantra”

Anicon - Entropy Mantra

With one foot in tradition and another in exploration, Brooklyn’s Anicon have been steadily churning out some of the most engaging and ripping black metal in the past few years.  Never abandoning the tried and true foundations of the genre, each release has sought to fold a sense of adventure through melody, rhythm and counterpoint to create something that never fails to identify with with the genre while simultaneously push against it.  Entropy Mantra captures that sense in what feels like the band’s most realized album to date.   Continue reading

Album Review: Pyrolatrous – “Teneral”

pyrolatrous teneral

In a world of regional scenes with established sounds, the scene in New York City seems to only be defined by its inability to be tied down.  From black metal like Yellow Eyes to the sci-fi technical death metal of Artificial Brain, one can find any number of different styles represented among the bands that call this densely populated city home.  Now seeing fit to join this illustrious ranks is Pyrolatrous, who are set to release their debut album Teneral on the population at large.   Continue reading

Album Review: Woe – “Hope Attrition”


When we think about black metal it’s hard to forget all the times we’ve been disappointed by bands whose music we love but whose members we come to find out are piss-poor examples of humanity. While anti-fascist metal exists, it seems to be often drowned out by both right wing extremists and people who would prefer to keep politics out of metal entirely. The fact is, metal has always been a political vehicle, as all art forms have, and the time to be silent about the rise of intolerance in the world has long since passed. Enter New York’s Woe, who return with a scorching new album, Hope Attritionas a rallying cry to those in the metal scene who would stand up for what is right.
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