The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 27


We’re back with more Best-of-’15 recaps this week, as the guys look back at albums from ObsequiaeDeath Karma and Thulcandra, among others. Plus, Spotify’s year-end listening data, and a celebration of the now-MLS-CHAMPION PORTLAND TIMBERS! (You’re probably not excited about this so we’re going to get EXTRA excited about it!!!!)

All that and…really, not all that much more in Episode 27, but check it out anyway!

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Best of Q3: Dan’s List

nine circles

All things considered, this was a pretty solid three months for metal. I’ll admit up front that I probably didn’t listen to as much from July through September as I had during either of 2015’s first two quarters, but luckily, the stuff I did listen to has held up pretty damn well. Here’s what I’ve got for ya: Continue reading

Album Review: Locrian – “Infinite Dissolution”


Return to Annihilation, the last album from Chicago trio Locrian, took a bit of time to grow on me, as the band dropped out of ambient dronescapes and into noisy black metal. But once it clicked, I found myself listening to it so often that its songs stick in my head even now. On their newest release, Infinite Dissolution, everything is smoother and slicker, with more post rock elements bringing together the pieces of Locrian’s sound.  Continue reading

Initial Descent: July 24’s New Releases in Brief

lamb of god band

We’re trying something new with Initial Descent this week. As you may be aware, we moved this segment to Mondays last week (covering the previous week’s new releases) to accommodate the new, industry-wide “New Release Fridays” transition. Except that arrangement meant we’d be looking back rather than forward each week, which isn’t exactly ideal.

So instead, we’re going to make these roundups a bit more current and publish them on Fridays—the day of these new releases. Then in the forthcoming week’s podcast, we’ll both cover the albums we highlight here and look ahead to the following week’s new releases, which will be dropping around the time said episode posts.

Make sense? It does to us, I swear. You’ll catch on. Anyway, here are this week’s highlights:  Continue reading