Initial Descent: March 6 – 12, 2022

Another week, another set of fails…I just know it, somehow. But, no fails in the metal new release world though as we’ve got new jams from Ghost and I’m probably more excited for this than I should be but damn those initial singles swept me off my ass so yea, I’m stoked. I’m also overly stoked for new death metal from Jesus Wept and Persecutory as well as charred and speedy thrash from Bastard. However, the quality doesn’t stop there as we’ve got several more gems in the list below that you’ll definitely want to investigate. So, go do that pronto and we’ll see you here throughout the week, enjoy.

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Album Review: Ghost – “Meliora”

ghost meliora

I sure do love questioning the legitimacy of a band’s metal credibility. Why focus on the music when you can turn the conversation to whether or not one band’s destroying black metal or how much it matters that another used to be a pop act? With that in mind, let’s talk about Ghost. You know the complaints: they’re insufficiently metal; they’re Blue Öyster Cult enthusiasts; their three different singers have all actually been the same guy; etc. But how’s the music hold up on the band’s new, third album, Meliora? Actually, not all that badly. Continue reading

Initial Descent: August 21’s New Releases in Brief

ghost band 2015

Another new release Friday is upon us! And holy hell did we go from one extreme to the other in terms of stuff dropping. Remember last week, when there were so few new releases that we had to lead with SOULFLY? (Which I still kind of hate myself for, by the way) Well, we’ve got an abundance of riches. There are at least 10 or 11 that I’ve actively been waiting for. All releasing this week. It’s a good problem to have. Let’s get into them: Continue reading