Rainbows in the Dark: Wailin Storms – “One Foot in the Flesh Grave”

wailin storms one foot in the flesh grave
Artwork by Bruno Guerreiro

Back in August, the 23rd to be exact, I wrote a piece about the reissue of Wailin Storms debut EP Shiver. That EP was reissued by Magic Bullet Records as a way to drum up enthusiasm before the release of Wailin Storms debut LP One Foot in the Flesh Grave. The North Carolina (by way of Texas) outfit is heavily steeped in the psychobilly tradition drawing heavily on The Cramps, Samhain and Danzig. Wailin Storms proves that it’s OK to be defined by a genre. It’s OK to hem yourself in, choose your sound and go hard at achieving that sound if you do it well. Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Wailin Storms – “Shiver”

wailin storms shiver ep

We talk about plenty of metal here at Nine Circles, but we also enjoy music from other genres. “Rainbows in the Dark” is our outlet to explore those other types of sounds and share them with you.

Originally self-released all the way back in 2014, Wailin Storms sophomore EP, Shiver, was recently reissued by Magic Bullet Records. And that’s a good thing, because the EP deserves any and all attention that it gets. In a sea of Danzig and Cramps impersonators, Wailin Storms manages to stand out as a must-listen.  Continue reading

Album Review: Sweet Cobra – “Earth”

sweet cobra earth

Sweet Cobra have long bucked trends. They’ve done things exactly as they’ve wanted to do things, releasing albums at their own pace and with varying levels of heaviness. And on their new fourth album, Earth, they’ve done what everyone fears—gone soft. The 12 tracks, most around four minutes long, don’t hit as hard as before and inspire more dancing than they do head-bashing. But, don’t fret, for it’s not all bad. Sweet Cobra are a band that has the confidence and drive to do exactly what they want and make it work. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Sweet Cobra – “Future Ghosts”

sweet cobra future ghosts

Sweet Cobra’s fourth album, Earth, is out today on Magic Bullet Records, and frankly, it’s about time. After all, it’s been a long five years since the Chicago trio’s last album, Mercy, first graced us with its presence. And as you might infer from lead single “Future Ghosts,” the band’s made a few changes to their sound. We’ll have a full review up later in the day, but for now, let’s take a look at the video for said lead single. Continue reading

Album Review: Meatwound – “Addio”

meatwound addio

Meatwound is, by their own admission, a filthy band. Bathed in scum and sludge, their heavy, hard-hitting brand of metal is a reflection of the legal and political diarrhea of their native Florida. Their debut album, Addio, is a mix of punk, scuzz and sludge with a sprinkling of doom over the top of this sewage sundae. It’s a welcome excursion from the rote monotony of most metal released these days—not without its weaknesses, but a strong and promising release overall. Continue reading