Visions ov Hell: Sweet Cobra – “Future Ghosts”

sweet cobra future ghosts

Sweet Cobra’s fourth album, Earth, is out today on Magic Bullet Records, and frankly, it’s about time. After all, it’s been a long five years since the Chicago trio’s last album, Mercy, first graced us with its presence. And as you might infer from lead single “Future Ghosts,” the band’s made a few changes to their sound. We’ll have a full review up later in the day, but for now, let’s take a look at the video for said lead single.

Probably the strongest song on the album, “Future Ghosts” is a rocking, upbeat anthem that truly exemplifies the new direction in which Sweet Cobra has chosen to go. They are, depressingly, no longer a heavy outfit. But, on the positive side, that leaves them room to take a page out of the Red Fang playbook and have some fun in their videos.

And fun, this thing is. “Future Ghosts” is a sort of mixed media project involving stop motion animation, live action, cartoons and plenty of effects. It’s also got a bunch of super fun, at-home, Tesla-style experimentation. The video also has a pretty good amount of comedy involving the band drinking all sorts of liquids, eating Jello and attempting a form of Russian Roulette. So enjoy that! And check back later for our full review of Earth.


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