Throwback Thursday: Market Square Day and Dio, v. 2016


Remember last year (or maybe two years ago?) when I used Market Square Day as a reason to talk about Dio? Well, that time is here again. A few key pieces of background information: 1. I live in Portsmouth, NH — the best small city on the god damn planet. And that’s partly because 2. Dio was born here. Finally, 3. This coming Saturday is Market Square Day. So what better opportunity is there to talk about all of the above than the present? Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” Live at Wacken 2004


At this point, you’re probably well aware of the esteem we hold for the late Ronnie James Dio here at Nine Circles. I could spend hours, even days, going over everything he has done for our favorite genre of music…and our lives. So, as this week begins to wind down and we approach Market Square Day here in my beloved hometown, I’m going to use this week’s #TBT as yet another opportunity to revisit Portsmouth’s favorite son…

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