The Nine Circles ov…Ghost

If you think about it, Ghost has covered a buttload of ground for a metal-adjacent band — hell, for any kind of band — in a dozen or so years of existence. They’ve closed out Maryland Deathfest, signed to a major label and won a Grammy award. They’ve weathered a very public legal saga between frontman Tobias Forge (“Papa Emeritus”) and numerous former “Nameless Ghouls.” And now, they’re headlining arenas across the country. Not bad for a largely anonymous group of Satan worshippers!

With four albums under their belt — and, more to the point, with your author heading to the Giant Center in Hershey, PA, to catch them this Thursday — it’s high time we put their discography under the microscope for a Nine Circles ov treatment. So grab a communion wafer and let’s jump in!

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Album Review: Ghost – “Meliora”

ghost meliora

I sure do love questioning the legitimacy of a band’s metal credibility. Why focus on the music when you can turn the conversation to whether or not one band’s destroying black metal or how much it matters that another used to be a pop act? With that in mind, let’s talk about Ghost. You know the complaints: they’re insufficiently metal; they’re Blue Öyster Cult enthusiasts; their three different singers have all actually been the same guy; etc. But how’s the music hold up on the band’s new, third album, Meliora? Actually, not all that badly. Continue reading

Daily ‘Bang: Check out the new Ghost song, “Cirice”!

ghost meliora cropped

Coming at you with a special weekend edition of the Daily ‘Bang, because this one couldn’t wait, folks. Just a couple of days after teasing, then formally announcing their third album, Meliora, Swedish occult rockers Ghost—if you expect me to add the “B.C.” here, then please leave now and never return—have released the album’s first single, “Cirice”! Click on through and give it a listen:  Continue reading