Profile: Fabio DeDominicus of Germany’s Hardcorists Traced By Enemies

Traced By Enemies
Traced By Enemies

Traced By Enemies play a style of hardcore that’s as melodic as it is hard hitting and back in April of this year they released their second EP Where the Sun Turns Gray. This EP is a continuation of their last, Unity In Diversity, and instead of switching up the game or changing gears completely they stay the course and come away with six more densely layered tracks that fans of melodic hardcore will appreciate. We recently had the oportiunity to ask guitarist Fabio DeDominicus our set of Profile questions to get inside the band’s head a little. Stick around and see what he had to say. Continue reading

Retrospective: Rise Against – “The Sufferer & The Witness”

The Sufferer And The Witness

Every great while an album comes around that just sticks with you that maybe — or probably — shouldn’t, either because it falls into a genre you don’t typically appreciate, or, well…it just isn’t that good. I’m not talking about an earworm that lasts for a few weeks. I’m referring to a collection of tracks you become addicted to for years. We all have ’em. One that I haven’t discussed before is the quintessential release from melodic hardcore masterminds, Rise Against. And that album, of course, is 2006’s The Sufferer & The Witness. It’s an album I’m very familiar with, for good reason.

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