Profile: Jamie Waggett of Grief Ritual

Grief Ritual

The UK’s Grief Ritual are a band that fits perfectly in the state of the world right now as they wield charred metallic hardcore along with death and post-metal on their just released debut EP Spiritual Disease. The EP’s title is “a metaphor for the mental illness brought on by the despotic state of the world…” and between the savage lyrics and even more savage five tracks contained, it’s a warhead of grim aggression. We recently posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist Jamie Waggett to gain some insight and background surrounding the band and what drove them to this EP. Jamie was more than gracious with his replies so head directly below to see how it went down and be sure to grab your copy from the links contained within. 

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Profile: David Cleere of Bailer


On the heels of three bare knuckle EP’s, Ireland bred Bailer are readying their full length debut, Disposable Youth, and it’s an atom bomb of grim, metallic hardcore born from a world that has literally gone to hell in a hand basket. The album is truly a testament to where they’ve been in a sense of maturing from the EP’s and molding that early sound into a gnarly beast that is as nihilistic as it is heavy. Just ahead of the album’s release we posed our set of Profile questions to bassist David Cleere to get some background on him and the band. Read on to see how it went down and do be sure to pick up a copy from the links contained within. 

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Profile: Cameara of Dead Man’s Chest

Dead Man's Chest

The UK’s Dead Man’s Chest have been kicking out the footlights since 2006 with a pair of full length albums, a demo, and an EP chock full of scathing metallic hardcore. Now, they’ll be adding a vicious two track EP, Dear God, to their discography and if Cro-Mags meets Slayer tickles fancies as it should, this is all that and so much more. Ahead of the EP release, we had the chance to pose our Profile questions to bassist Cameara to get the inside scoop on a band that should be a household name by now. Check it out below and be sure to show them some support! Continue reading

Album Review: Call of the Void – “Ageless”


On their second album Ageless, Denver’s Call of the Void return after two years with another twelve songs of metallic hardcore mixed with crust and a touch of sludge. Ageless works with a similar formula as its predecessor used, with a small amount of space and length added to song structures. The band has a pretty obvious set of influences, and the guys don’t really break the mold on Ageless any more than they did with their first album, but it’s still as well-crafted an album as any made by their peers.

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