Album Review: Unendlich — “Paradox of a Broken World”

There are a lot of geographic regions that have become synonymous with black metal and the black metal aesthetics.  Scandinavia, obviously, the Pacific Northwest, Iceland, each have their own distinctive take on the genre.  There is one place, though, where the scene burns brightly but doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, and that is the American northeast.  They might not be household names, but the bands that call New England home have developed a style that seamlessly blends the raw fury of their northern brethren with the swirling, textural components of their western counterparts into something that is all their own.  Unendlich carry on this tradition with their newest release Paradox of a Broken World, which sees the project hone its already keen musical edges.

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Profile: Michael Connors of Black Metallers Unendlich


Baltimore’s black metal entity known as Unendlich return next month with their latest full length Thanataphobia which comes quickly on the heels of last year’s EP Misanthropic Sedition. Unendlich, in German, means infinite / without end and that would certainly make sense with their quantity of output since forming nearly five years ago but in this context it would seem it’s a descriptor of mastermind Michael Connors plentiful creativity. He has found unique ways to meld Scandinavian and US black metal into a melodic force with philosophical lyrics and ideals in lieu of your standard satanic fare. And with Thanataphobia, the sound is pristine and clear which is a welcome progression from their previous outings. Ahead of the album’s release, we had the chance to mull over our Profile questions with Connors and he was more than gracious in giving us the details. Head directly below to see what he had to say and if you like what you hear from the embed, throw him some support. Continue reading