Album Review: Inter Arma – “Sulphur English”

Inter Arma - Sulphur English

How do you measure heaviness?  You can down-tune your guitars to the bowels of Hell, play at the speed of light with the gain turned up to 11, and mimic the sick wailing of a terrified pig in your vocals, but is it heavy?  If it’s anything, heaviness is a state of being, and Inter Arma have been mining that state since their debut.  But their latest slab of concrete Sulphur English just might be their purest expression of what it means to be heavy to date.  Continue reading

Album Review: Inter Arma – “Paradise Gallows”

Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows

Paradise Gallows, Inter Arma‘s third full length, finds this five piece from Virginia in the finest form of their 10 year career. Crushing, soaring, scathing, and emotive are all applicable adjective. But inventive song craft and staying power also applies as the runtime here just edges out Sky Burial. This is notable as both of these, and additionally their debut, keep the listener thoroughly entertained and completely engaged from start to finish. This is no small feat for a band that straddles doom, death, sludge, and black metal but Inter Arma make this smorgasbord look easy, yet again. Continue reading