Profile: Ricardo Pereira of Moonshade


When it comes to melodic death metal with an epic story about nature, mankind, and cultural evolution of civilizations, look no further than As We Set The Skies Ablaze from Moonshade. It’s been four years since their debut, Sun Dethroned, was released and it seems the band used that time wisely to focus on tighter songwriting and better storytelling. While being grounded in melodic death metal the music here is more forward thinking and at times drifts into progressive stratospheres and even walks a tech death tightrope. This all may sound like a mouthful, but Moonshade nails the landing with an album that’s heavier, deeper, and more memorable. Just ahead of the album’s release, we posed our set of Profile questions to vocalist Ricardo Pereira to find out more. Read on below to see how it went down and be sure to secure your own copy from the links contained within.

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CANTO: Machine Head, Wo Fat, Jungle Rot, and More

Not a happy day watching the Champions League for this guy!

“Ein Bier… bitte.”