Profile: Taylor Iversen and Zach Amster of Abrams

Last month Denver’s heavy rock trio Abrams released their sophomore album Morning and it was an immediate hit here at Nine Circles. We covered the album in full here and more recently it made Chris’s mid 2017 list. The band’s combination of rock, doom and well-rounded songwriting not only shows how much they’ve matured in a short amount of time but that they are truly in it to win it. And based on the positive feedback they’ve been getting from around the horn we’d say that’s an accurate statement. We recently got a chance to ask Taylor Iversen (bass/vocals) and Zach Amster (guitars/vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what they had to say.

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Album Review: Abrams – “Morning”

Abrams - Morning

Denver trio Abrams show, on second full length Morning, exactly what it means to successfully mature as a band and kick the sophomore slump at the same time. Honestly this is more of a band finding their direction than anything but I digress, Morning is arguably one of the best heavy rock albums of the year. Bold statement indeed but one that’s fully warranted. Continue reading