Album Review: Municipal Waste — “Electrified Brain”

Of course we want to see bands push the boundaries with their music.  We love bands inventing whole new genres, pushing unlikely ones together or bringing their art to the next level, and even when a band takes a big swing and misses, we still give them kudos for trying.  We don’t want to see this from every band, though.  For some, the biggest strength is consistency.  If Amon Amarth ever made an album that wasn’t about Vikings, I think my world would turn upside down.  Similarly, Municipal Waste should never try to do anything other than Municipal Waste things, and fortunately, on Electrified Brain, they don’t.

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CANTO: Amon Amarth, Stratovarius, Massacre, and More

These work days are only a little bit fun. Which, I guess, is why my nights are spent doing this?

  • Break out the drinking horns. Amon Amarth has a new album on the horizon. The Great Heathen Army is out on August 5th through Metal Blade. And yes, we do have new material to share along with that news. Give “Get in the Ring” a listen here.
  • Symphonic metal veterans Stratovarius are also releasing a new album later this year, their first is almost a decade. Survive is set for a September 23rd through earMusic, and the title track can be heard now.
  • Out of Nuclear Blast, Massacre has announced a new EP. That’s generally a good thing, because more Massacre is always the correct amount. Anyway, Mythos is out on July 1st. Check out “Behind The Serpent’s Curse”, which features Anders Odden of Cadaver, right now.
  • New Cloak dates have been added to their 2022 schedule. These are June and July dates with Bewitcher, and you can get the full scoop here.
  • And we’re going to wrap up with the video for the new single from Municipal Waste titled “Electrified Brain”. That’s the title track from their new album, which drops on July 1st through Nuclear Blast.

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CANTO: Cloak, Bewitcher, Greylotus, and More


At least it’s finally nice out and stuff. Mondays still suck.

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CANTO: Tombs, At The Gates, Misery Index, and More

And I’m officially overwhelmed.

  • We can start the day with some Tombs, because I enjoy them quite a bit. Check out “Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains”, the RKGD audio remix of the Under Sullen Skies track. That single is the latest from the Ex-Oblivion digital EP, which will be available through Season of Mist.
  • From there, we have a pretty significant tour announcement. At The Gates will be covering a good chunk of North America this coming August, with support from Municipal Waste, Thrown Into Exile, and Enforced. They will be celebrating the anniversary of Slaughter of the Soul, so yeah… it’s kind of a big deal.
  • From there, we’ll check out new material from Astronoid. Give “Sleep Whisper” a listen here. As a reminder, Radiant Bloom drops on June 3rd through 3Dot Recordings. We’re all pretty excited for that one, if you weren’t previously aware.
  • And we’ll close out the day with some fresh new Misery Index. The video clip below is for “Complete Control”, the title-track from their upcoming new album. That one is set for May 13th release through Century Media.

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CANTO: All That Remains, Allegaeon, Municipal Waste, and More

Too many items in the inbox tonight… most of which I don’t care about.

  • Let’s lead off with All That Remains, something I don’t do often. We already knew about the 15th anniversary release of The Fall of Ideals, out on November 12th, but today we learned they will also be touring the album starting next March. Get your tickets right here.
  • Municipal Waste have signed on to a fresh deal with Nuclear Blast, having been with the label for a decade now. News like this usually comes with some kind of album update, and this is no exception with a new release planned for some time in 2022. We’ll stay tuned.
  • News from yesterday, but still worth sharing, Allegaeon have announced their next album. Damnum is set for a February 25th release through Metal Blade, and you can check out the new video for “Into Embers” right now. They’ve got a full slate of live dates in 2022, so be sure to catch them on the road as well.
  • New England sludge veterans Come To Grief have made their entire back catalog free (well, NYP) over on Bandcamp. Better still, they have a brief run of shows lined up in the Northeast this coming November and December if you happen to be in the area.
  • We’ll wrap up with the new video from Blind Channel for “Balboa”. You can also purchase the single here, out through Century Media, if you feel so inspired.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”