Album Review: Spirit Adrift – “Divided By Darkness”

Spirit Adrift - Divided By Darkness

Fashions may come and go, but everything popular has a thread stretching back to the foundation, the root if you will.  Metal is no different, and it’s heartening to see bands more and more proudly display that connection back to the roots of the genre.  Spirit Adrift have never been a band to mask their influences, and on new album Divided By Darkness they take the torch of what outlets have been calling “traditional metal” and burn away the quotation marks, leaving a raging, unbridled classic sound that can only be called heavy metal. Continue reading

Album Review: Spirit Adrift – “Chained To Oblivion”

Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion

Spirit Adrift successfully dole out the anguished jams on full length debut Chained To Oblivion, courtesy of what sole creator Nate Garrett (Take Over and Destroy, Gatecreeper) has lived through. Put simply, if the previously released EP Behind-Beyond struck a chord, this album will smash the whole guitar across the stage of both your mind and your heart. In the space of five songs a story is told with a clear beginning, middle and end. Sorrow and hope reside here and somehow get along. It’s a marked improvement over the EP and shows an artist that, while having gone through hell, has resurfaced with a strong need for catharsis. And what a beautiful catharsis this album turns out to be. Continue reading