CANTO: Necronomicon, Nightfall, Wo Fat, and More

I didn’t have to work today, but that doesn’t mean it felt like a holiday.

  • We’ll lead off with a tour. Necronomicon is covering North America with The Convalescence staring on April 29th, and running through June 4th. Tickets are available here. These shows are going to be gnarly. I might dabble.
  • Wo Fat, a band I remember covering as Horns Up back in the day, have announced a new album. The Singularity will be out on May 6th through Ripple Music. Check out the new single, “The Witching Chamber”, right here.
  • For the sake of pivoting to something fun, here’s the new video from Feuerschwanz for “Skaldenmet”. That track is taken from Memento Mori, which is out now through Napalm Records. Did I mention it’s fun? Because it is.
  • It’s time to get back to my day-long lack of production, so we’ll wrap this up with the new live clip from Nightfall for “Witches”. That footage is taken from a performance in Athens last November. And if you haven’t checked out At Night We Prey, get on that.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Yob, The Ocean, Necronomicon, and More

There is plenty to discuss today, so let’s get right into it.

  • We’ll start with a couple of reissues. First, Yob is releasing a deluxe version of Atma, which I am super excited about. That will be out on April 8 through Relapse, and you can pre-order that here. Or, of course, through Bandcamp. Fun fact, Yob also has a few live dates coming up, including FOUR at Saint Vitus in February. So jump on that as well.
  • And then we have Cirith Ungol, who are reissuing 1981’s Frost and Fire. That will be out through Metal Blade on December 17th, and that can be pre-ordered on pretty much any format right here. 40 years. Holy damn.
  • Necronomicon have announced a new livestream show, “Vivus Verum”, scheduled for November 12th. That will be premiered at the Season of Mist YouTube channel, and the event will be in support of their latest album, Unus, which dropped last year. Here’s a trailer for the event, as well as an opportunity to set a reminder.
  • Okilly Dokilly have announced “Tourdiddly Do” 2022 dates, running from April 14th through May 7th. But it will be your last chance to see them, maybe ever, as they announced an indefinite hiatus immediately following the tour. Regardless, we should all take great joy in knowing this project ever existed at all.
  • Since we have an opportunity to close out the day with The Ocean, you bet I’m going to seize it. Check out the clip for “Jurassic | Cretaceous”, taken from their Roadburn Redux performance, below. As a reminder, Phanerozoic Live will be out on November 26th through Metal Blade and Pelagic Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Necronomicon, I Prevail, Ingested, and More


“It’s not the way to cross the faith, the promise has been broken. My disease, everlasting. Let me bleed forever.”

  • We’ll start with a drum play-through from Necronomicon because those are always a good time. This one is for the track “From Ashes Into Flesh”, taken from last year’s Unus, out on Season of Mist.
  • I Prevail dropped a new video today for “DOA”, which features rapper Joyner Lucas. That one was taken from last year’s Trauma, which was released through Fearless.
  • Since news is fairly light today, I’m going to take this opportunity to share my favorite Instagram account ever this week. I give you… Albums of Bikini Bottom. My personal favorite is probably the one for Karmacode.
  • Ingested have released a lockdown video for “Dead Seraphic Forms”, which is a track taken from their upcoming new album, Where Only Gods May Tread, out August 14th through Unique Leader. Let’s watch this one together.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Necronomicon, The Well, Chiasmata, and More


Three straight weeks from Hell begins… NOW.

  • In case you weren’t aware, some stuff was stolen from the Musonia School of Music that was once owned by the legendary Randy Rhoads back on Thanksgiving night. Well, a couple weeks later, some of the items have surfaced… in a dumpster.
  • Necronomicon dropped a new music video for “The Thousand Masks”. It’s NSFW for anyone still at W at this point in the day. Reminder that Unus dropped back in October via Season of Mist.
  • The Well have announced a run of shows in both Europe and North America. The dates run late January through early March. Support is in the form of R.I.P. on some dates, and Zig-Zags on others.
  • It’s a slow day, so let’s close with some prog metal. This is Chiasmata with the track “Absolution”. I am of the understanding that there will be a new album out in the near future.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Initial Descent: October 13 – 19, 2019

1349 – photo courtesy of Dmitry Valberg

While the rest of civilization is knee deep in pumpkin spice, we’re knee deep in extreme metal and crusty horror flicks. Don your costumes and get the old plastic pumpkins ready, we’ve got tons of metal candy to hand out. Let’s do it…

For their seventh album, black metallers 1349 revisit the chaotic and thrashy nature of Hellfire and it’s like spiked arm gear buried elbow deep in some unsuspecting angel’s throat, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oregon based deathgrinders, Rank and Vile, get the lead out with eight new tracks of piss and venom. It’s short, to the point, and kicks ass – ‘nuff said. Shrine of Insanabilis swiftly swing the black metal axe and conjure up an even better album than their debut… wait, what? It’s true, seek it out. NecronomicoN have always had a unique sort of operatic take on death metal and this tradition continues on their sixth full length which just so happens to be perfect for a dramatic exsanguination. Alright then, you know what’s next. Seek out the music and DESTROY your wallet. Continue reading