The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 213 (1.8.2022)

playlist - mixtape

How did the first week of 2022 treat ya? I spent a lot of it railing against the absurdity of my workplace and listening to a lot of Black Sabbaths Sabotage. What’s up with “Supertzar” man? That’s a crazy song. And why am I constantly shocked when “Hole in the Sky” suddenly cuts at the end? Weird album…lemme put it on one more time.

You’d think with all that I’d kick off the 213th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist with some Sab but we’re gonna go with another one of my favorite bands. Did anyone expect Living Colour to come out of the gate so hard after their debut? “Time’s Up” borders on hardcore and it’s glorious. And since I’m feeling decidedly old school let’s throw in some Johnny Thunders, too. One month on Vincent is still listening to Midwife, but this time he throws in some Balance and Composure to balance things out. Josh swoops in with some massive heaviness courtesy of new music from Weigedood and the recently reviewed Necrophagous as well as the latest from Cryptum. Ian returns to remind us that yes, you CAN enjoy Blink-182 and Opeth in close proximity, and tosses in some Guided by Voices and toe for good measure. If there’s bleedthrough in the next room, it’s because Angela has decimating the foundations with brutality, blasting the new Fossilization single and praising the dark with some Midnartiis. Finally, I’m worried about the heat in Buke’s place, because he both Borknagar‘s “Cold Runs the River” and Immortal‘s “In My Kingdom Cold” in here. Maybe the latest from Wilderun will warm him up.

Where I live in New York we just got our first significant snowfall, so lemme go grab the shovel and get these tunes in my head. See you next week.


Album Review: Necrophagous — “In Chaos Ascend”

necrophagous - in chaos ascend

The holidays are over. You’ve stuffed and gorged yourselves with every manner of confection and alcohol. It’s a new year. Time to back to the essentials. Time to stop evaluating metal on provocation and progression and evolution and esthetic sense. I need the basic building blocks: blast beats, detuned guitars, and growls that shake the earth. Give me my meat and potato death metal, I say to you. Give me my Necrophagous, my In Chaos Ascend and let me cleanse the soul with death metal that’s content to be death metal. Let it punch my gut, stomp my head against the curb and then pick me up like a good metal brother and do the dance again.

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Initial Descent: January 2 – 8, 2022

The goings on that we’ve been through makes us all wonder just what fresh hell is in store now that we’ve officially closed the door on 2021 and opened a new one with 2022. Or, we could look at the bright side of it with an optimistic glare. Either way, who the hell knows. Trudge on we shall. And with that we trudge into the newest of the new metals for this new year and why not kick it off with a couple of death metal releases; Necrophagous brings the dirtier side while Wilderun brings the brighter, more polished side. Of note, you’ll be hearing more about the latter later in the month, FYI. And, as usual, there’s more new stuff hanging out below. Not a lot, but a few. So, if there’s anything we’ve all learned from the best of 2021 lists is that music does indeed get us through. Go confidently into this new year and grab all of it you can. And, hold on tight. 

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