Album Review: Gallery – “Eternal Night” (EP)

Gallery - Eternal Night

Recently I was looking for some straight up acid bath black metal. You know, the kind that makes you feel as though your brain was just scrubbed with sandpaper. Luckily, Texas based label Savage Night Recordings answered the call in the form of New Jersey’s Gallery with their debut EP Eternal Night. Literally, these five tracks are intensely satisfying from several standpoints of black metal and stand as one hell of an entry point for a young band with the world in front of them. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday (with Mini-Interview): Tourniquet – “Anatomy Of Obsession”

Tourniquet - Anatomy Of Obsession

Tourniquet is a metalcore band from New Jersey and on their first EP Anatomy Of Obsession they effectively squash all preconceived notions of the genre flat as a pancake. What sets them apart is the fire in their playing and obvious passion they have for the past. Not to mention their intensity, which is off the charts throughout this four song collection. It’s a ripper of an EP that grabbed my attention within the first minute and held it tight until the end. And continues to do so spin after spin. Continue reading