Album Review: Gallery – “Eternal Night” (EP)

Gallery - Eternal Night

Recently I was looking for some straight up acid bath black metal. You know, the kind that makes you feel as though your brain was just scrubbed with sandpaper. Luckily, Texas based label Savage Night Recordings answered the call in the form of New Jersey’s Gallery with their debut EP Eternal Night. Literally, these five tracks are intensely satisfying from several standpoints of black metal and stand as one hell of an entry point for a young band with the world in front of them.

Raw black metal – check, atmospheric black metal – check, second wave black metal – check. I mean, I could go on here but you get the idea. Gallery are no one trick pony, they bring in so many aspects of black metal and do so in a way that’s intriguing while being unforgivingly vicious. The Garden State may indeed have some tricks up its sleeve that the rest of us are ridiculously unaware of but now that Eternal Night is out, at least this secret has been shared.

You bet I’m going with the warhead of an opener, “In the Garden of Grief,” to start this discussion and color me careless. The opening seconds sound like a freight train nearing redline and all the bolts and welds coming apart right on the tracks. It’s merciless and unflinching. As the song progresses, we do get a yield from the battering of drums and guitar but the vocals stand to melt your ears off. “Serpents Lamb” goes from psychotic freak out to bass heavy noise rock while “Portal” offers up a mid tempo bludgeoning. The title track slides easily into the atmospheric category with emotive chords and heavy cymbal usage but retains the band’s intense edge with raw production and throats of glass vocals.


Here’s the thing, if you’re looking for something new that’s raw and full of fire, Eternal Night is absolutely what you need. It satisfied my bloodlust when I needed something that had a sharp edge on it. Gallery have put together a fantastic EP of black metal that wears many faces while retaining its edge throughout. As excited as I’m after hearing these five tracks, I cannot wait for a full length. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, I assure you it’s a good bet.

– Josh

Eternal Night is available now on Savage Night Recordings. For more information on Gallery visit their Facebook page.

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