The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 179 (5.1.2021)

playlist - mixtape

Greetings, fellow travelers of the path, and welcome to another Nine Circles Saturday morning mixtape. This time around, we’ve got a slew of death metal tracks, BIG|BRAVE’s noisy, glorious sludge, a little Alcest, and some classic Tom Waits & newer Steve Von Till to round things out. Check it out below.

– Vincent

Profile: Ken Romlin and Henric Liljesand of Blackened Death Metallers Night Crowned

Night Crowned

The fact that Night Crowned‘s debut EP, Humanity Will Echo Out, is as melodic with its death metal as it is blackened is no surprise given the lineage of its members; The Crown, Nightrage, Cipher System and Dark Funeral. You wouldn’t be remiss in assuming what these three tracks should sound like. However, the big surprises here are how ultra-melodic and ridiculously catchy it is along with how laser sharp and crystal clear the production sounds. It really sets a huge soundstage for the band and absolutely nothing is missed or buried along its quick sixteen minute run time. Just ahead of the November 30 release date we had a chance to ask vocalist Ken Romlin and bassist Henric Liljesand our set of Profile questions to find out more — read on to see what they had to say. Continue reading