Profile: Dan Lee of Occult Burial


“Bands can spend their entire budget on a cover that looks amazing. They can fool you with logos, cool outfits and (in this case) literally smoke screens. But if the music inside the jacket doesn’t back it up then the band has nothing. Occult Burial luckily has both. They are the rare band that, while dripping with talent and ideas, may not actually benefit from more clean production. They remain raw, occult and completely ripping.” (Quote taken from our review here). Simply put, Occult Burial rips, rules and dominates. So definitely check them out and follow the jump to read more about the band hanging out with Canadian heartthrob, Prime Minister and their biggest fan, Justin Trudeau. Continue reading

Initial Descent: April 29, 2016

fallujah band 2016

Last Initial Descent post of April! Seriously, where the hell’s this year gone? We don’t even have a month left until MDF? Jeez. Anyway, some good stuff in the queue today. Fallujah‘s dropping a new album — hopefully with better production than the last one? Maybe? — and we’ve also got new stuff from hardcore legends Discharge (speaking of MDF!), as well as AllfatherLord Mantis and a whole slew of others. So let’s not waste any more time — here’s what’s on tap for Friday, April 29:
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Album Review: Occult Burial – “Hideous Obscure”

When a cover like the one pictured above arrives in your inbox any metal writer should be given pause. First of all, it’s awesome. Second of all, that logo rules. Third, there’s a badass skull front an center (with teeth). Finally, there’s some heavily studded armbands. Now, can this band deliver? Because that is one hell of a first impression. I’ll hand it to them, they back it the ‘f’ up. Occult Burial are not only obsessed with sick covers but they also love speed riffs, thrash metal and some old school butchery. Thus, Hideous Obscure is more than just a pretty cover to hang above your toilet. It’s a “take no prisoners” style of album that’s sure to bash in the hood of your neighbors car all while you are asleep. Continue reading