Album Review: Ophidian I — “Desolate”

Speaking as a person who is, ahem, Technically Inclined (seriously, Buke, Hera, waiting for that guest spot) I enjoy music that is highly technical without any of the usual caveats like “but it’s not technical like that” or “but it’s at least listenable.”  Of course I enjoy music that is accessible and that is not a gigantic mess of sound, but…I also enjoy music that is technical for its own sake.  Maybe it’s the fact that like every teenager who had dreams of selling out arenas and putting on clinics (spoiler alert: I’m competent but not that great), I worshipped at the altar of Malmsteen, Becker, Vai and Satriani.  Maybe Ophidian I did too, because boy does Desolate reignite some of that indescribable wonder that electrifying lead guitar work sets in my soul.

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Initial Descent: July 11 – 17, 2021


Nose still on the grindstone, still salty from last week with a few more wounds that received extra doses of salt over the past seven days, and in serious need of a vacation. At least one of those will be remedied in short order, and hopefully that will reset the others. Hopefully. Moving right along, new release list time and this week we’ve got a bit of a longer list than last week so there’ll be plenty of happy hunting for many of you. Score! We’ve got tech death from both Cognitive and Ophidian I, insane death / doom from Severed Boy, melodic death metal from Dungeon Serpent, and a whole host of stuff from nearly every genre and branch out there. Dive in, delight your earholes, and lighten your wallet.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 181 (5.15.2021)

playlist - mixtape

The work week is over, for some of us, and for some of you. But, we all still need a playlist…er, mixtape of stuff that lends well with beers, work, cutting grass, or doing whatever you’re doing. Enter Volume 181 of our “around the water cooler in the back office tracks” we’ve been loving this week to save the day. We’ve got some bowel moving Fluids, and other amazing death metal in the form of Morbific and Killing Addiction, and of course, some The Mountain Goats from brother Vince. We’ve also got Suidakra, Kardashev, Ophidian I, Gojira, and a ton of other tracks to make today better. Point your cursor to that play button below and crack a cold one, you’ve earned it.

– Josh

CANTO: Black Label Society, The Day of Doom Livestream, Ophidian I, and More

I doubt the inbox is as exciting as it was yesterday, but I’m sure there’s still plenty going on. Let’s see…

“Ein Bier… bitte.”