Interview: Vitriol on Identity, Originality and Bearing the Torch for Extreme Metal

Vitriol – courtesy of Charlotte Gane
I’m seeing more and more coverage for Oregon’s Vitriol and honestly I couldn’t be happier. My first exposure to this barbarically brutish death / extreme metal band was through their “Victim” video — within the first minute I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was savage in its sound, relentless in its pace and ultra-technical in its construction but the standout was in how much of the death metal I came to know and love long ago was contained in these few minutes: gritty, violent and absolutely true to the genre. Pain Will Define Their Death sees its release next week and within the three songs contained, the exact same can be said for all. We’ve featured them in a recent Profile and in our Monday morning playlists, today we are proud to feature them in a band and album focused interview that is extremely enlightening on things such as, but not limited to, band identity, originality and bearing the torch for death and extreme metal. Carve out some time to see what they had to say… Continue reading

Profile: Kyle Rasmussen of Vitriol

Vitriol – pic courtesy of Charlotte Gane

We here at Nine Circles are telling you here and now: this death / extreme metal band from Portland, Oregon are the real deal. Vitriol will be releasing their independent EP, Pain Will Define Their Deathon November 10 and you need to be the first in line to grab a copy. This is a band that could care less about trends or whatever the current metal “spice of the day” is and aren’t afraid to tell you as much. They instead rely on what is extreme to them and what gets their point across that humanity is a dumpster fire of epic proportions and they have the soundtrack to prove it. Indeed, Hate Eternal, Nile and Deathspell Omega will be used as jump off points for describing their sound but within the three tracks that grace Pain Will Define Their Death, this band weilds the power to split the genre wide open. As luck would have it, we had an opportunity to ask Kyle Rasmussen (guitars, vocals) our set of Profile questions and he was an absolute champ with his responses and it is a MUST read. Move on it and be on the lookout for the EP to hit Bandcamp… Continue reading