Initial Descent: May 6, 2016

grave miasma band photo

It has rained every single damn day this week. Which, really, is just what I need less than two weeks removed from a breakup. Good job, universe! Oh well, May’s upon us. There’s no way it won’t improve upon April from a lifeical standpoint, but it may also do so from a metallic perspective as well. Quite a bit to look forward to over the next 25 days.

That starts today, with new stuff from U.K. death crew Grave Miasma, who release their gnarly new EP, Endless Pilgrimage. I’ll have a full review of that thing up early next week, but as a pre-emptive TL;DR — it’s worth your time. We’ve also got new albums from AlaricVektor…hell, even one from not-metal-but-yes-awesome synthwave mainstay Perturbator. It’s a solid week, so let’s jump in. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, May 6:
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Album Review: Pensevor – “Klothod”

pensevor_klothodThere’s a certain Catch 22 that comes with being a reviewer: You rely on promo sheets to give you at least a rough idea of what to expect for a release, only to find that the material at hand has very little to do with the accompanying hype. Any promo write-up needs to be taken with a grain (fine, a pillar) of salt –– after all, the point of promotion is to cast something in a positive light –– but sometimes, nothing can quite prepare you for what you’ll endure. In the case of the UK-based sludge/doom outfit Pensevor, their debut Klothod is a head-scratcher; a few songs show shreds of potential, but the album as a whole has too many negative points to make it noteworthy.  Continue reading